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Woodworking machines

Grinding machine RWT is a semiautomatic machine for finishing operations by calibrating and sanding solid wood, wooden materials, blockboards, veneered panels and similar materials. It can also be used for in-process grinding painted boards.

Used construction materials and components along with the technical solution of the machine are the guarantee of a reliable and safe operation of the machine, high quality of machining and economic operation.

The company RWT offers also those woodworking machines:

  • Wide Belt Sanders and brushing machines BS
  • One side open sander BSO 400
  • Four side planers FSP
  • Sanding tables ST 420
  • Veneer and frame presses HP and A 2x3
  • Multi blade saws MC
  • Boring machines MB
  • Edge banding machines EB

Products section

BS 650 - 950 - 1100 - 1300

Machnies for grind - Wide Belt Sanders.

It is a semi-automatic machine for finishing operations by calibrating and grinding solid wood, wooden boards and fibreboards, blockboards, veneered panels and similar materials. It can also be used for in-process regrinding of painted plates.

BSM 1100 - 1300 BB/300

Machines for brushing.

It is designed for cleaning and polishing the surface, finishing, fine grinding and structuring.

BSO 400 P

Machnies for grind - Open Wide Belt Sanders.

It is used for finishing operations of grinding, especially window frames.

HP 20 - HP 80

Machnies for vennering - Veneer presses .

The machine is used to veneer preparations, such as plywood and MDF boards.

A 2x3

Machines for bonding - Frame presses .

The machines are suitable for glueuing windows, doors, europrisms and for glueuing surface materials.

ST 420

Machine for grind- Sanding table.

The sanding table is a machine designed for grinding trilateral prisms with dimensions up to 100x100mm and bilateral grinding plates up to 420 mm width. With additional profiled heads can grind even contoured surfaces, such as windows prisms.

MB 21 - MB 27 - MB 35

Boring machines.

The machine used for simultaneous drilling through up to 35 holes into plate-shaped parts at an angle of 0-90 ° from the horizontal plane.


Dust extractor.

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