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We are purely Czech company, that ranks among the leading manufactures of grinding machines for metal and wooden materials.


FABTECH show Chicago /USA/

Successful presentation of the company at FABTECH 2023, which takes place from 11.-14.9.2023 in Chicago McCormick place. BSM 1100 RDDR and BSM 1100 RA deburring machines were presented here, which enjoyed great interest from customers from the North American continent. Already on the first day of the fair, contracts for the supply of our machines were concluded, which help to ease the demanding work of manual deburring and contribute to the modernization and greater efficiency of the production process. At the same time, a training of our representation in the USA took place.

13 | 09 | 2023

Installation of deburring machine BSM 1100 RDA in the Zlín Region

The second deburring machine from our company RWT was purchased by a customer who is switching to modern deburring using rotary brushes using unit A - BSM 1100 RDA. The older BSM 1300 RRDB worked for this customer for almost 10 years.

30 | 08 | 2023

Installation of a Deburring machine in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Installation of Deburring machine BSM 1100 RDR in Plovdiv, Bulgaria at ANDREA company. The machine will be used for processing laser cutted parts after the NUKON 4kW laser cutting machine. Then there was a training of sales representatives of KARMET.

18 | 08 | 2023

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Scopes and awards

The company is purely Czech and ranks among the leading European manufacturer of grinding machines for metal and wooden materials.

These grinding and deburring machines replace laborious and quite dangerous manual work of sharpening moldings, burnouts and polishing stainless steel parts and wooden materials. Having been representing in our market and abroad for only a few years, our company receives prestigious awards at international exhibitions DREMA in Poland and the International Engineering Trade Fair in Brno.

Where to find us

RWT, s.r.o.

Jiráskova 899/2

Rychnov nad Kněžnou

516 01

Czech Republic, Europe


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