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We are purely Czech company, that ranks among the leading manufactures of grinding machines for metal and wooden materials.

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about RWT


The roots of the company date back to 1921, when Josef Rojek, the great-grandfather of today's owner, Ing. Petr Rojek, founded a Rojek company in Častolovice. The company achieved significant growth and successfully sold its woodworking machines all over the world.

After the restitution of the family property, in 1991, the activity of the company was renewed and Ing. Petr Rojek became its co-owner along with his father and brother. The company quickly established the tradition of woodworking machines and over the few years became a leading Czech manufacturer and supplier of technology for woodworking.


In 1999, Ing. Petr Rojek decided to carry out his ideas about the further development by separating and founding his own company RWT, Ltd. based in Rychnov nad Kněžnou.

The main focus of the company is the manufacture of metalworking and woodworking machines designed for operations of grinding and finishing metal and wooden materials. Technical solutions, versatility, quality of processing and ease of operating the machines are the main factors of achievements in sales all over the world so far.

Scope and awards

The company is purely Czech and ranks among the leading European manufacturer of grinding machines for metal and wooden materials.

These grinding and deburring machines replace laborious and quite dangerous manual work of sharpening moldings, burnouts and polishing stainless steel parts and wooden materials. Having been representing in our market and abroad for only a few years, our company receives prestigious awards at international exhibitions DREMA in Poland and the International Engineering Trade Fair in Brno.

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