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Service and repair machinery

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Maintenance of equipment

Keeping to the maintenance schedule is very important to achieve the best working results, safe operation and long life of the machine.

Place Method of control Frequency Activity
Sanding rollers tour status 8 hours Visual inspection, cleaning from dirt
Chain lifting table Checking the tension 300 hours If necessary, tighten
Belts Check the tension and condition 200 hours Tighten if worn replace
Conveyor belt Checks tension, position 300 hours If necessary tension and center to center of the table
Air treatment Cleanup 40 hours Drain the condensate
Screw lift table Delte 1 year Grease, respectively. cleanse

Check of the emergency and safety equipment

Regularly, at least once a fortnight, check the emergency and safety equipment:
  • Emergency stop buttons. During the operation of the machine, press the button, the machine must stop within a few seconds.
  • Door switches. During the operation of the machine, slightly open the door, the machine must stop within a few seconds.
  • Folding barrier in the input of the material into the machine. During the operation of the machine, lower the barrier, the feed belt stops.
  • Limit switches of the table position.

At least once every six months, check the brake pad thickness.

Before long shutdown of the machine:

  • Drain condensate from the air handling unit
  • Disconnect the power and compressed air
  • Cover the conveyor belt with opaque film
  • Preserve with oil the metal parts exposed in another way
  • Protect the whole machine against dust by covering with film
  • Do not store the machine on a humid place, protect it from any unfavourable weather conditions

Possible defects

After pressing the "start" button, the control circuits are not connected.

  • Check whether there has not been a power blackout.
  • Check whether the main power switch and the "belt speed" switch is set to "0".
  • Make sure whether the side door is not open, there is not any object under the folding barrier to entry, the emergency stop buttons are not locked.
  • Check whether the air pressure of 6 bar is in the system.
  • Measure with the tester whether there is voltage at the terminals of the terminal block.
  • Check the overcurrent protection.
  • Replace the fuses. Replace the fuses only with the fuses of the same type. In no case, attempt to repair or replace them with something else.

If you do not even then put the machine into operation, call the authorized service or an electricity expert.

During the operation, the machine is stopped

  • Check whether there is not a power blackout.
  • Check the air pressure. Ensure the input pressure 6 bar into the machine.
  • Check whether there has not been an accidentally pressing of the emergency stop or the opening of the door.
  • Check the overcurrent protection. Push the black button on the overcurrent protection inside the terminal box
  • Replace the fuses.

Overhauls of machines

RWT Company, Ltd. offers repairs and overhauls of wide-grinding machines of other manufacturers:

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